Episodes of USS Defender

  • USS Defender – Coming Out For Christmas

    USS Defender – Coming Out For Christmas   A special festive gift from the cast and crew of the USS Defender – A special festive minisode!   Bolton, Peers and […]

  • USS Defender Episode 2

    Captain Whittaker and the crew of the Defender continue their mission into the Gamma Quadrant, still unsure as to the identity of the Architect and the New Dominion. They come […]

  • USS Defender Episode 1

    Captain Cameron Whittaker takes command of his new vessel and is dispatched into the Gamma Quadrant. What will the crew face upon arrival? What surprises will be in-store for the […]

  • Episode 1 Trailer

    Coming November 2018.   A new Star Trek Fan Audio Production…   Current Year: 2381 – 6 years after the Dominion War. Defender departs from DS9 following the end of […]

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